Summit Lineup!
Monday, Jan 29, Vision and Traction
Dreaming Bigger – 3 Keys to Go for Broke on Your Dreams
Traction: Get a Grip and Stay on Track to Achieve Your Vision

Tuesday, Jan 30, Inner and Outer Work of Confidence
Confident Communication Leads to Success
Challenge Your Confidence Gaps to Claim Conviction
Wednesday, Jan 31, Productivity and Flow
3 Strategies to Creating More Time & Personal Freedom
Flow Leadership in Business – The Optimal Experience

Thursday, Feb 1, Money and Investing
Gain Freedom from Shame and Fulfill Your Bigger Purpose
Investing – Not all Robo-advisors are Created Equally

Friday, Feb 2, Neuroscience and Mindfulness
Bring Your Right Brain Into Business - Connect at Will
A Science-based Approach to Driving Results
Monday January 29 -
Friday February 2
11:45am-1:00 PM CST
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Left Brain

Wendy Nolin

Possibilitarian, Business Therapist, and Strategic Thinking Partner
Traction - How to Get a Grip and Stay on Track to Achieve Your Vision
The most successful businesses and people are the ones with traction. They execute well and know how to bring focus, accountability & discipline into their role. Fear & lack of discipline are most people’s weakest link. The inability to turn a vision into reality is epidemic because vision without traction is merely hallucination.

Business consultants and coaches conduct strategic planning sessions, charging thousands of dollars to provide insights and share great material. Unfortunately, they rarely teach you step-by-step how to achieve that vision with a real-world plan.

Traction requires 3 disciplines; clear priorities, singular focus, and accountability. Wendy will provide you with strategies you can implement immediately that will help you get a grip and stay on track toward achieving your goals. 

In this webinar, Wendy will share how to:
  • Connect Goal Achievement to Your Deeper Purpose
  •  Reverse-Engineer Your Vision into 100-Day Sprints 
  •  Avoid Self-Interruption and Stay Focused 
One participant will WIN a  90 minute coaching session to co-create Vision, Purpose and Traction Plan! 

Venus Rekow

NeuralShifts, Chief Behavioral Stategist
Change Your Brain, Grow Your Business
Organizational growth is highly dependent on a leader’s ability to drive collaboration under stress. Shift how you show up under stress and develop a new approach to managing conflict and drive results. In this session you will learn how to tap into the brain’s natural levers for cooperation and use brain-based strategies to help others shift behavior and achieve organizational goals. 

During her keynote, Venus will help you:
  •  Raise Awareness of Your Default Response to Stress
  •  Shift Your Outlook on Conflict Management
  •  Adopt a Science-Based Approach to Drive Results 
One participant will WIN a 60-Minute Mastery Session to Drive Application

LeAnn Pashina

Creatively Communicate, Communication Expert
Confidence Leads to Success
Projecting confidence is key in influencing others on your point of view, a product or service and in your relationships. People follow and admire those who exude this quality. Confidence leads you to take action, to stand up and seize the moment, and persevere long after those who doubt themselves. The level of confidence you have will determine the level of success you achieve overall. One key to your success is when you align with your audience and present in their communication style instead of your own. Statistically this gives you an 82% plus advantage. Knowing your audience, whether one or many, strengthens your confidence so that you know exactly what to say and how to say it.

In this webinar, LeAnn will share how to:
  •  Connect Quickly and on a Deeper Level with Your Prospects/Audience
  •  Communicate Clearly and Effectively in Any Situation 
  •  Deliver Memorable Presentations that Emphasize Your Core Message 
  •  Maximize Your Influence and Capitalize on Your Charisma 
  •  Gain Confidence to Master Important Situations 
  •  Consciously and Deliberately Communicate in a Way to Influence Others to Take Action
One participant will WIN the book “Why They Buy”.
All participants will receive a Comprehensive Personal Assessment which reveals your own values and how you can apply them to confidence.

Candy Barone

CEO & Founder, You Empowered Strong
3 Strategies to Creating More Time & Personal Freedom
Does the sound of your alarm clock going off in the morning make you groan? Are you stuck in an endless cycle of "lather, rinse, repeat" ... only to feel as if you have the movie "Groundhog's Day" playing over and over again in your life? Then, join renowned leadership expert, Candy Barone this powerful training session, where she will share 3 powerful strategies that will help you to create more time for yourself AND more personal freedom!

In this session Candy will share...
  •   Techniques to Help You Powerfully Prioritize
  •  Ways to Fill Your Cup First when Creating Your Calendar 
  •  How To Use the Power of White Space & Play!
One participant will WIN a 1x1 30-Minute Strategy Session with Candy!
All participants will receive a YES Assessment, revealing an instant snapshot of where your gaps and opportunities are to create more possibilities for massive success and explosive growth!

Kimberly Foss, CFP®, CPWA®

Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management
Author of the New York Times Best Seller, "Wealthy by Design: A 5-Step Plan for Financial Security"
Not All Robo-Advisors are Created Equally
The influx of robo investment options can leave investors feeling overwhelmed in making a decision that is best for them.  In this webinar, Kimberly will talk about the current robo-advisor landscape – including service and investment differences. 
Following Kimberly Foss’ philosophy that the most powerful word in wealth-building is “choice”, this session will give you the knowledge you need to make the right choices when looking to robo advice and how to build your wealth with Intentional Design!

In this webinar, Kimberly will share:
  •  Tips on How to Choose the Best Robo-Advice Option
  •  Key Insights into the Real Value of a Hybrid Human-Robo Advisement Strategy
The first 5 participants to sign up for Kimberly's  financial planning and investment e-newsletter will receive a signed copy of her New York Times Best Seller – Wealthy by Design: A 5-Step Plan for Financial Security!!
Right Brain

Kerri Hummingbird

Soul Guide, Mentor, Award-winning Author
Challenge Your Confidence Gaps to Claim Conviction
When you notice a weakness in yourself, or hear that same limited belief nagging at the back of your mind, what do you do? Many of us push it away to avoid having it affect our confidence, or chant affirmations loudly to drown out the noise of the naysayer. The problem is, it's a bit like spraying air freshener in the room when there is dog poop under the rug.  Those recurrent negative thought patterns are inviting you to heal a core belief at the root, and permanently shift it from negative to neutral. 

In this webinar, Kerri will share:
  •  A Paradigm-Shift for Dealing with Your Inner Naysayer
  •  How Active Imagination, a Quiet Mind, and Emotional Intelligence are Powerful Tools for Closing Confidence Gaps
  •  Why Facing the Worst Possible Scenario will Liberate You to Confidently Go After Your Dreams
One participant will WIN a Face Your Inner Naysayer Session to help you disempower one of your crippling confidence-busters! Everyone will receive the ebook Quantum Play with Right-Brain Super Powers along with the Face Your Inner Naysayer Worksheet.

Teresa de Grosbois

4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker
Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council
Dreaming Bigger: 3 Keys To Go For Broke
Finding and living your purpose is what a majority of humans on the planet desire the most, and yet most people avoid stepping into their really big dreams in life. Why is that? The challenge most people face is their self-limiting beliefs stop them from seeing and realizing their dreams. 

During her keynote, Teresa will share:
  •  How to Find that Dream that will Bring You Lasting / Rewarding Happiness
  •  Why Following Your Heart Leads to Greater Influence and Abundance 
  •  The Secret to Using Authenticity to Powerfully Build Influence Around Your Dreams 
  •  The Three Simple Steps to Shift the Thinking of Your Community or the World at Large 
  •  How to Build Relationships with Influential People Who Share Your Passion for Your Dreams 
  •  The Number One Mistake to Avoid when Following Your Dreams
One participant will WIN the Mastering Influence Program which teaches how to build relationships of influence so you’ll shift from selling to being sought out for your expertise.
All participants will receive Teresa's best-selling book, Mass Influence.

Dr Zoltan Buzady

Associate Professor of Leadership, Global Expert in Flow-promoting Leadership, Director of the Global Leadership & Flow Research Network
Flow Leadership in Business
Flow, a positive mental state, increases financial performance, boosts creativity and innovation, and contributes to talent attraction and retention. Furthermore, employees generally feel better, happier and are more loyal. Dr Buzady's personal mission is to enable future great leaders to create Flow-promoting environments at the workplace.

In a nutshell, creating a Flow-promoting workplace as a leader is a not only the right thing to do, but it also makes business sense - on every level: the individual, the group, the organization and society at large. Together with Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, the world-famous founder of positive psychology, Dr Buzady has created FLIGBY, the global-#1-award-winning leadership development game.

In this webinar, Zoltan will share:
  • What Flow Is and Why It Is the 'Optimal Experience'
  •  New Perspectives for How a Flow-Promoting Leadership Style could be Beneficial to You. 
  •  Ways to Experience more Flow in Your Life, Work, and As a Leader
  •  Insights Into the #1 Award-Winning Leadership Development Game
Three participants will WIN  1 Month Each of Demo Access to Play and Replay the Leadership Development Serious Game
Note: You will be able to test the top and bottom 5 leadership skills. To test all 29 leadership skills you will need to purchase full access to the game.

All participants will receive the introductory chapter for the Leadership Development Serious Game.

C. Chase Carey, MBA & 
Rachel Moncayo, RYT

Chasing Mindfulness, Corporate Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers
Chase: Author of Chasin' Meditation
Bringing Your Right Brain Into Business
Our left brain helps us get what we NEED but our right brain helps get us what we WANT. It is the creator of the GOOD STUFF in life, much of which is a result of our success in business. It’s easy to get to your right brain: simply fall asleep and dream.

But bosses frown sleeping at our desks. So how do we access it? How do we work with it? How do we train it? How do we access it when we need it? Learn to connect with the subconscious, creative mind, at will, anytime, anywhere, right now…

In this webinar, Chase and Rachel will show you how you can:
  •  Access a Deep Meditative State
  •  Connect with Your Right Brain Subconscious Mind
  •  Be Able to Immediately Repeat the Technique 
Five participants will WIN  a 50-Minute Skype Training and Coaching Session!
All participants will receive the first 4 chapters of the book "Chasin' Meditation" by Chase Carey!

Jeff Caliguire

Convergence Point Co-Founder and Coach
Transforming Your Money Mindset 
(Gain Freedom from Shame and Fulfill Your Bigger Purpose)
When it comes to positive relationship and lasting success around money, there’s REAL HOPE! However, most of us don’t lack information. But the transfer of information is not same as transformation. Money transformation happens in your life and business when you intentionally heal conscious and unconscious toxic thinking and embrace a purposeful money mindset. In this session, Jeff will walk you through a powerful coaching process to rapidly change your negative money messages, release them and replace them with a vision of money freedom, abundance and energy. You’ll then choose specific habits of hope to engage your purposeful financial future!

In this workshop, Jeff will share how to:
  •  Discover Your Specific Toxic Money Mindsets and the “Money Stories” You’ve Carried for Years
  •  Transform Your Negative Money Mindsets by Intentionally Challenging and Changing Your Stories and Beliefs (“First you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you")
  •  Learn to be Pulled Towards your “Money Purpose” and Lower Money Stress by Powerful Habits to Experience Hope and Freedom
One participant will WIN a 50-Minute Personal “Big Shift” Session with Jeff (Gain clarity around your deepest desires. Confidence to address what’s holding you back. Create an action plan to move forward with freedom… especially financial freedom.)
All participants will receive “The Habits of Hope: Self-Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose.” 
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