At this Summit, you'll discover...
  • 7 Leadership Archetypes that help C-Suite Executives Lead From Within
  • Brain Science to Work Smarter-- Not Harder
  • 6 Steps To Reframe Selling To Assistant Buying
  • How To Turn Work Into Play with Right Brain Super Powers
  • Research in Neuroscience That Explains Why Meditation Grows Your Brain 
  • How To Tell Your Time What To Do
  • Find, Live and Share Your Authentic Voice
  • How Horses Can Teach You To Be A Better Leader
  • 5 Super Easy Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How to Create a Positive Relationship with Money
Monday September 18 -
Friday September 22
11:45am-1:00 PM CST
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Opening Keynote

Shonte Jovan Taylor

Neuroscientist & Mindset Success Trainer/Catalyst
The Brain Science Behind Optimizing Your Whole Brain For Ultimate Fulfillment & Success
The Mind and Brain are the keys to our ultimate fulfillment, creativity and SUCCESS in life. The ability to get out of our comfort zone to pursue new adventures, professions,  and entrepreneurial heights is 90% MINDSET and the rest is LEARNING new skills, Taking ACTION, and being Held ACCOUNTABLE.

Shonté's mission is to guide ambitious people seeking new opportunities to shift their mindset to reach their full potential in life, profession and business. 

During her keynote, Shonte will share:
  •  Specific Neuroscience Strategies to harness your brain power, focus your attention like a laser beam, overcome resistance and procrastination 
  •  Stimulate the Right and Left Brain to tap into your creativity, productivity, and ULTIMATE success in all of your endeavors.
One participant will WIN the e-book Brain Food E-Guide: Powerfoods For The Brain! A second participant will WIN the e-book The Brain Science Behind the Law of Attraction.
Closing Keynote

Lolly Daskal

Executive Leadership Coach
New York Times Best-Selling Author
Unleash Your Greatness
What if you could learn the secrets to success that Fortune 500 executives know? Would you like to meet the woman behind the curtain whose knowledge and influence have built giants?

Her name is Lolly Daskal. designated her a Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert and listed her as 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Event. She's turned 30 years of experience coaching blue-chip clients (including c-suite executives, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profits) into a new book which reached #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List: The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness.

During her keynote, Lolly will share:
  •  A Remarkably Powerful System she uses to help top executives harness the virtues of their leadership style
  •  The Seven Leadership Archetypes and how each archetype has powerful abilities and hidden impediments
  •  How You Can Step Into Your Own Greatness
One participant will WIN the Goodie Package from Lolly's Book Launch that includes her New York Times Best Seller book, an assessment to determine your Leadership Archetypes, and other online gifts.
Left Brain

Wendy Nolin

Selling in Action: Role Play of the Anatomy of a Sale
Whether you’re a business owner selling a product or service, or an executive selling your ideas, nothing happens until you make a sale. Yet, you fear the sales conversation. You may even despise asking for money or buy-in on your idea.
In this webinar, Wendy Nolin will share:
  • A Real Life Role Play to walk you through the anatomy of a sale
  •  The 6 Step Anatomy of a Sale that makes sales natural and comfortable  
  •  How easy it is to reframe the conversation from selling to assistant buying so you can provide your offering as the solution to your prospect's problem.
Secrets of a Master Sales Woman: Simple Yet Effective Techniques to Get the YES!

Helene Segura

Time Management Fixer
The Inefficiency Assassin's Guide to Killer Productivity: How To Tell Your Time What To Do!
Did you know that busy professionals lose up to three hours per day from procrastination, distractions and overwhelm? In the business world, this adds up to over ten thousand dollars of lost time per employee each year. In your personal world, this equates to more stress and less quality time with your loved ones.
In this webinar, Helene Segura will share:
  • A three-prong framework for improving personal productivity  
  •  Common time leaks that need to be plugged  
  •  How to time block – and morph your calendar when fires (or great opportunities!) crop up
Tell Your Time What To Do - Time Blocking Chart

Norma Hollis

Authenticity Coach
Authenticity in Action - Left and Right Brain Integration
You are probably either left or right brain dominant, however you need both sides of your brain to live a fully productive life. The side that is least prominant may be the source of your blind spots or areas that you just can't seem to correct in your life. In this session you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and learn the possible source of blind spots and gaps that may be negatively impacting your success so you can emerge as a fully authentic human being.
In this session Norma will share...
  •   The Three Voices of Authenticity and help you see which are most dominant for you
  •  The Nine Dimensions of Authenticity and what they mean in your life 
  •  Perspectives on Creating Authentic Alignment and integration of your multiple parts
Gift for Everyone - Take the Complimentary Authenticity Assessment and learn your level of authenticity

Giveaway for One Winner - 60-minute one-on-one session with Norma to gain clarity and next-step confirmations, raise self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Sara Seely

Financial Advisor
5 Simple Steps To A Successful Financial Future
Are you doing what you need today to make sure you are financially secure in the future? Will you be able to retire one day, take that vacation, help your kids go to college, make a meaningful charitable gift, or other personal goals? So many of us wait too long to start. We think it is too complicated. In our busy lives, financial planning gets pushed to the back of the “should do” list because we are afraid of a huge learning curve, and even worse, we are afraid of making wrong choices

In this webinar, Sara Seely will share:
  •  5 super easy steps to get you started towards financial freedom
One Free Hour with a financial advisor to get answers to your financial concerns. Information sales pressure.
Right Brain

Kerri Hummingbird

Soul Guide, Mentor, Award-winning Author
Quantum Play with Right-Brain Super Powers
Have you ever had an idea pop into your mind in the shower that was way better than what you came up with after eight frustrating hours of thinking about it? Would you like to do less forcing and more playing?

In this webinar, Kerri Hummingbird will share:
  •  Right-Brain Super Powers she cultivated over 25 years as a high-tech consultant to keep her Motivated, and Creative Juices Flowing
  • Cutting-Edge Science that explains why an Active Imagination, a Quiet Mind, and Emotional Intelligence are Powerful Assets
  • An Experiment You Can Run to start Playing the Quantum Game
One participant will WIN a Play Session to help you unlock your hidden Right-Brain Super Powers! Everyone will receive the ebook Quantum Play with Right-Brain Super Powers.

Jenn Fairbank

Co-CEO of Cornerstone Mindfulness, LLC
How To Optimize Your Brain Power
There’s an over reliance in our culture, especially in business, on left brain thinking, which is more logical, analytical, and objective. Meditation helps to tap into right brain thinking, which is more intuitive, holistic, and creative. Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose in the present moment with acceptance. 

In this webinar, Jenn Fairbank will share:
  • Research in neuroscience that explains why meditation grows your brain 
  • Benefits of meditation including stress reduction, mental clarity, and leadership development
  •  A guided meditation so you can experience it for yourself!
The Cornerstone Mindfulness meditation so you can practice it on your own!

Sandra Dee Robinson

Charisma Coach
Horse Wisdom for Human Life
Sandra Dee Robinson studied human and animal behavior as soon as she could read. Her fascination fed her success in her career as a popular soap opera actress. Now, she is, utilizing nature, and specifically horses, to help success-minded women gain powerful perspectives on relationships, leadership and find unshakable confidence

In this webinar, Sandra Dee will show you how you can:
  •   Understand why others react to you the way they do
  •  Gain greater confidence to master important situations
  •  Learn how to be a better leader at work and home
  •  Discover new ways to develop healthier relationships that add to the abundance in your life.  
Sneak Peek! Preview two advance chapters of Sandra's new multi-media book, The Prize

Heidi Carter

Money Breakthrough Coach
Strengthen Your Money Relationship
Are you a strong earner, but still feel a constant worry about money?  Would you like to make more money and have more impact as the leader that you are?

In this workshop, Heidi Carter will teach you how to:
  •  Connect to Money Emotionally so you can rid yourself of lingering money stress, and grow your finances and dreams with certainty and excitement
  •  Release Negative Money Thoughts and Behaviors and create new money beliefs and habits
  •  Make a Plan for Your Future, and envision those dreams coming true.
3 Days to a Strong Relationship with Money!
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